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Few common mistakes we often make during grocery shopping

Grocery shopping is a universal chore and unfortunately, there is a scope for all of us to better it, be it by spending less money or less time. Here are some tips to be better at grocery shopping from next time onwards.

Never shop when you are hungry

This tip serves both your health and your money. When you are hungry while shopping, you tend to make slightly less healthy choices and might overspend too. Generally, it is observed that you overbuy when you shop empty stomach, even if you are buying healthy food. It may also lead to overstocking and wastage as you might end up stocking things that have a limited expiry date. Always grab a bit when stepping out to shop for groceries.

 Always carry a shopping list

When you enter a grocery store without a list, you end up going to every section and aisle which triggers overspending. It’s difficult to resist so much stimulus and you will be tempted to spend more time and money. On the other hand, when you carry a shopping list and stick to it, you save both money and time. Also, chances of forgetting something are minimal and that will save you from another trip to the grocery store sooner.

Buying large or in bulk

Thinking that buying in bulk or larger packs will save you money and time is not true. When you buy larger formats, you may be tricked by the price and ignore your need. Sometimes bigger packs are never finished at home before their expiration date and you are forced to through the left-over product. Further, if you are trying something new, or a different brand, start with a smaller pack and see if you like it. You can always come back and get a bigger pack as needed.

 Discarding the instore brands

Many people misunderstand the in-store brand for low quality as they are usually cheaper than the leading brands, but this is entirely incorrect. Some categories of instore brands like staples are great to buy as they offer the best quality at relatively lesser prices. Be wise and save money.

Check out for out of season or imported items

Nowadays everything is available around the year. When you see an out-of-season fruit or vegetable don’t just add it to your shopping cart. Look out for the price as the out-of-season item are exorbitantly expensive. Also, look out for imported versions of regular items like chocolates or snacks.

Being mindful while grocery shopping can make a big difference to your finances and time.

Priyadarshini Kaul

Priyadarshini Kaul Mishra has two Master’s Degrees in English Literature and History. She is actively following her passion for the language by being a content creator since many years now. Besides this, Priyadarshini is a true bookworm at heart and tries to be an avid reader despite being a full-time mother now. She is also a professionally certified baker and puts on the oven mitts every now and then.
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