Few common things that science is yet to figure out

From crying to hiccups, science is yet to answer the reason behind these common things around us.

We have come a long way from looking at the stars in wonder to colonizing Mars. Science has advanced beyond anything we have ever thought of;from the tiniest of particles to the mysteries of the cosmos, we turn to science for an explanation. But still, there are many things that science is yet to figure out;surprised? Yes, and the surprising part is that these things are some of the most common and everyday things around us. So, let look at some of the most common things science is yet to figure out.

Why we laugh?

Science can give you an answer for how we laugh? What muscles do we use to laugh? What are the benefits of laughing? But they are unable to tell us why we laugh in the first place. There are many hypotheses regarding this phenomenon. Interestingly, studies tell us that only 20% of our laughter is associated with the humourous situation. So, what about the rest of the laughter? Some people believe it to be a form of communication. But still, we can’t figure out why we laugh.

Why we cry?

Like laughter, crying too is a mysterious phenomenon. In the case of babies, science knows that they cry to attract attention. But why do adults cry? Is that also to grab attention? Or is it a way to bond with other human beings? We still don’t know.

Why we get hiccups, and how they stop?

Yes, science that is finding a cure for all the big and small problems and difficulties has still not found the reason why we hiccup? And also, how we can stop them. Althoughthere are many techniques that many people believe helps with hiccups, there is no scientific or known treatment for them.

Why we itch?

No, we are not talking about the metaphorical seven-year itch or itch of heart. We are talking about the real itch, the incurable urge to scratch. Studies found that the human body receptors that convey itching sensation are the same that conveys pain. So, is our body trying to convey pain, or is it more psychological?We still don’t know.

There is no cure for your common cold.

Common yes, but still incurable in medical terms as there is no particular treatment of a cold. It would be a herculean task as we get most of the common cold from seven different families of the viruses. And each of these families of viruses has 200 sub-viruses. So, we can’t cure all these viruses.

So, which one surprised you the most?

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