Few deadliest places, only for adventure seekers

Let’s look at some of the deadliest places only for an adventure lover.

The earth is full of contradictions. On one hand, it has so many amazing places to call paradise, on the other, there are a few places that are so dangerous that a faint heart should definitely avoid these places. This article contains only those places which you must not add to your bucket list if you are looking for a perfect holiday destination because only a courageous and adventure-seeking spirit can explore these deadly places.

Skeleton Coast, famous for the harsh Climate

The name itself suggests the harshness of this place. This dangerous coast is spread across the south of Angola to the north of Namibia, from the Kunene River to the Swakop River. It is ranked as one of the ‘deadliest places in the world because there is nearly zero chance of survival. The hot weather and lack of food and water make survival most difficult for travelers. This place is full of the bones of numerous animals like whales, elephants, turtles, and seals. This makes the name perfectly applicable. Not only this, there are some human threats like gang violence and robbery which make it literally a dangerous place on Earth.

Death Valley, an extreme place

One of the hottest places on Earth, Death Valley is a desert known for its harsh climatic condition. The hottest place on Earth had its hottest temperature in July 2018. Only a few Middle East and African deserts can give it proper competition in terms of temperature. The highest recorded temperature (127 degrees F) was recorded in Death Valley. In the year 1849-1850, a group of settlers lost their way during the winter which makes the name appropriate for this place. Whereas only one of them died, others were somehow saved by two of their young men.

Snake Island, a place of mystery and rumor

This island, located around 25 miles from Brazil’s coast is a place full of horror where no local would dare to go. The rumor is that the last fisherman who went too close to this shore was found dead in his boat and that too in a pool of blood. And this danger comes in the form of life-taking golden lancehead snakes, one of the deadliest serpents. It is so dangerous that the Brazilian government put a ban on that place.

So, consider them at your own risk as this article does not instigate anyone to put their life at risk.


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