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Few Hula Hoop tricks, appropriate for the beginners

“Money can’t buy happiness but it can buy hula hoops which are kind a same thing”

Hooping is an artistic movement or a form of dance with a hoop. It is one of the unique forms of dance which has multiple benefits. It increases coordination, rhythm and balance of your body. It also helps in body toning, weight loss and also keeps your mind in peace. So, if you are interested in dancing, you must try this dance form as well. For this you need to start with basics and I hope this article is going to help you in the process of earning. In this article, a few of the tutorials will be explained for the absolute beginners. So, are you ready to move your waist with the hoops? If yes, let’s start –

Hooping on your waist

Marawa, the widely known hula hoop champ teaches us to engage the core muscles while hooping with the waist. It is an ideal workout for the tummy. The constant engagement of the muscles helps to gain flexibility of your body and doing hula hoop for a minute will reduce 7 calories and an hour of hooping will burn 400 calories. So, try out hula hoop with your waist to have a toned body and happy mind.

Hooping in LASSO position 

It is another very simple yet effective way to learn hooping. In LASSO position, you have full freedom of the rest of your body while playing with the hoop. In this step you need to maintain the hoop with your hand in a LASSO position. For this you need to take the hoop in your left hand start by moving it around the body. Keep it above your head with the left hand and start moving it. Your left thumb should balance the hoop so that it does not fall down.

Round and round, a transition move

It is a basic move which is used as a transition step between two complicated steps. As a beginner you should start with this simple step where you need to hold the hoop with two hands in front of you and then you need to push the hoop around your body. Make sure to hold the hoop not too tight, otherwise it may slip from your hand. You can also try this at different levels around your body like knees and legs.

So, this is how you can begin the journey of hula hooping and make sure to take it as fun to know the most of it.   


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