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Few ideas of classroom games for students

Always going on with the syllabus and restricting the knowledge within the periphery of books make the learning process monotonous. As a result, students lack the excitement of learning.

Therefore it is very crucial to liberate them from the syllabus and provide them a few moments of fun and entertainment, so that it can motivate and refresh the student and helps to bring back their creativity and imagination. There are a few games which can be played in the classroom as a part of their lesson plan to engage them in academic learning. So, let’s look at these few games –

Charades, a simple yet classic game

It is a unique game which will definitely motivate your students to come out of the bench and participate in the lesson. To play this game, you need to select a student to stand in front of the class and then you should give him/her a word and he/she will act without saying something so that other students can guess the word. They can say loudly or raise their hands depending on the teacher’s preference. Whoever will guess correctly can have the chance to act the next word. In this way, your students will find interest in academics and their vocabulary will also be enhanced.

Hangman, an interactive game

It’s an interesting game which will improve the spelling mistakes and the subject knowledge of the students. For that you need to divide the class into two groups and select a student to stand in front of the class. Then you can give the student a word and he/she will draw the space on the board. After that each of the team will be allowed to guess the word. They can guess one letter at a time and the first team to guess the right word will win the game. They can also think of relevant words after that.

Scatter-gories, think out of the box

For this game you need to separate your students into small groups and ask them to note down the categories. Choose a letter from A to Z and give them sometime so that they can think of the words for each category. When the time is up, ask them the words beginning with that letter and allocate points for unique answers. You can also repeat the game with different letters.

So, these are a few tricks to entertain the students and motivate them in their academics.


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