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Few important roles of a mother teacher that you must know

A mother is a teacher at home, and the teacher is the mother in the school.

A teacher should hold the hands of the students for a lifetime through the learnings that he/she provides. Under their guidance and care, the life of a student is nurtured from childhood. The concept of mother teacher has come because of the love and care that a child needs when he/she is at a very tender age. The responsibility lies in the name itself and a student till grade two or three. So, in this article we’ll discuss some of the important responsibilities that a teacher should be aware of in order to become a mother teacher. So, let’s look into them –

She must understand the child thoroughly

Before teaching a child, a mother teacher must understand the psychology of a child. Every child is different from the other and this difference is based on the psychology that a child has. So, a mother teacher’s first responsibility is to understand the psychology of the child so that she can handle him/her properly. For example, in the hostel, if a child always feels sad and don’t participate in any activity, a mother teacher should talk to that child like a mother so that he/she can feel that someone is there for me.

She must be friendly with the students

Children are very innocent, so the only way to understand a child is to behave friendly and understand the innocence. If you are friendly with your little students, they will feel like home, and it will make the teaching learning process very easy. Give a comfort zone to the child so that he/she can love you like the family. Creating a bonding which is beyond the school hours can be helpful in maintaining the friendship between the two of you.

She must spend time with the child

Probably, it can be a bit time taking to understand a child’s psychology, but it’s not impossible. For this you need to spend a lot of time with your student. As a mother teacher you should have time for your students so that you can spend some one to one time which will be helpful in creating a bonding between the teacher and the student.

It gives immense satisfaction to a mother teacher if her students are happy with her company and understanding these few roles will definitely create a good image of her in front of the students. 


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