Few incredible jungle camps in India that will bless you with unparalleled experience

Are you a nature lover? Then spending time in a jungle, breathing the fresh air and watching the birds chirping can be fulfilling because nature and its flora and fauna are the greatest healers when we feel low. We feel rejuvenated when we come close to nature and India is such land which will fill your heart with ecstasy and freshness. There are so many different types of forests, like tropical, sub-tropical, evergreen forests that you must visit in order to get a feel of the nature of India. So, let’s look at these greeneries in detail –

Eco Camp, Nameri National Park, Assam

In your next trip, if you choose Eco Camp, it will definitely be a worthy experience because this is one of the best sites in India which is located in Assam. Going there, you can have a nice stay in a tent or choose a thatched cottage. This national park is taken care of by the local forest department. You can also visit the park or do some experimental things like rafting in Bhoroli River. At night, sitting beside a bonfire and enjoying the ambience can be a great idea.

Bheemeshwari Jungle Lodge, Halagur Hubli, Karnataka

Next is the Bheemeshwari Jungle camp which is located in Karnataka, India. In this interesting campaign location, which is surrounded by thick lush of woods, you can easily find different animals like deer, crocodiles and elephants. It is also a favourite destination for bird watchers as more than 200 species of birds are found every year. This is an ideal destination for the family where you can also experience some adventurous things like Zip lining, kayaking, rope walking and many more.

Camp Potters Hill, Shimla, Himachal Pradesh

In the mid of Western Himalayan Forests of Himachal Pradesh, there is a beautiful camping site called Camp Potters Hill which has been named after the hill. Originally, this hill used to be the home of potters and the name comes after that. Now let’s talk about the accommodation. Here you can have cottages and tents. This is also a great place for day as well as night treks and here you can experience some adventurous activities like rock climbing and rope walking. November to February is the ideal time of visiting this jungle camp.
So, for your next trip, plan something in the lap of nature and it’s assured that you won’t regret.


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