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Few interesting facts about Lonavala, a city of great historical significance

Happiness is feeling the silence and the peaceful ambiance of the mountains. And if the destination is within India, it’s a treat to yourself.

Lonavala, the biggest attraction for mountain lovers in the monsoon, is located near Pune city. The mountains, surrounded by lush greenery will make you feel that you are in the lap of Mother Nature. The scenic beauty of the hills is a perfect place for a love-laden soul to heal itself. Now, let’s learn some interesting facts about these hills so that you can make up your mind for your next trip:

The old city with great historical significance

Apart from the beauty, this city has great historical significance. Long back in the year 1811, it was discovered by Sir Elphinstone, the governor of Bombay. He was an absolute lover of nature and when he found Lonavala it was a bushy forest. Initially, it was less populated, but later it was developed gradually. Now, this city is the favorite destination not only for nature lovers but also for real estate developers because of its beauty, pleasantness, and pollution-free environment. This place is also enriched with political history as the Yadava Dynasty was present in this area. Not only this but it was also ruled by Mughal and Maratha emperors.

The reason behind the name           

This beautiful hill station was named after the forest ‘Lonali’ and ‘Avali’ which means series which accurately describes the entire area of this beautiful city. It is also called the Jewel of Sahyadri Range. During the monsoon, the lakes and the waterfalls, surrounded by the mountains, give a scenic view to the explorers.

Luxurious amenities of Lonavala

You’ll find plenty of luxurious enjoyment if you visit this hill station. There are plenty of 5-star hotels and resorts where you can peacefully stay without the chaos of your hectic urban life. Hotels are full of comfort and facilities and the staff is trained enough to handle guests throughout the globe.

Various eating points are there where you can enjoy authentic local cuisines. You can also find plenty of street food corners which will offer you a great variety with good taste.

So, these are some of the important points of this beautiful hill station which will definitely help you to choose your next travel destination.