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Few interesting facts to know about jasmine flower

“The night jasmine blossoms and spreads fragrance. Fragrance brings rejoice. It also radiates hope. Hope to find happiness; even in the darkest moments”. – Shweta Gupta.

This beautiful white flower called jasmine is from a genus of plants we call Jasminum. There are more than 200 species of jasmine plant-available mostly in the tropical and subtropical regions of Asia, Europe and Oceania. But you can find the highest diversity of this flower in southern and southeast Asia. From your garden to the tree pots and finally, to your teapots, it can be a good choice everywhere. It is also well known for its interesting features and vast utility, which we’ll focus on in the article below.

Few basic information to start with

Jasmine loves the moist soil; that’s the reason it grows in the tropical and subtropical zone. It can be divided into two types like deciduous (whose leaves start falling in the autumn) and evergreen (green throughout the year). If the conditions are favourable, like the full sun and warm atmosphere, this plant can live for 15 to 20 years in the wild. The height of the shrubs can reach up to 10 to 15 feet. The little white flowers are so gorgeous and sweet-smelling that they can instantly fill the heart with happiness and positivity.

Both reproductive organs are found in jasmine.

Both male and female reproductive organs are found in a single flower. A bit hard to believe, right? But this is the case with jasmine. However, stamens and pistils don’t get mature at the same time as the flowers are unable to perform self-pollination. In this process of pollination, butterflies and bees act as the main pollinators of jasmine.

Jasmine, the symbol of sweetness and beauty

Jasmine has a great significance in China as it is the symbol of beauty and happiness. It is also used in religious ceremonies to represent purity and elegance.

The aroma of jasmine tea is incomparable.

Jasmine tea is an option of scented tea with the aroma of jasmine flower. Basically, it is green tea, but the option of white and black jasmine tea is also available. This tea is most famous in China not for its taste but for the aroma it contains. Overall, it can be a great choice if you are a lover of jasmine fragrances.

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