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Few interesting ways to make assembly the assembly hour fun

Most of the school going children take assembly hours for fun as it becomes boring for them to be the observer or to take part in the assembly. But this is not what’s supposed to be done.

It’s a monotony of our life that we need to do the same thing on a daily basis, that’s the reason we are bored easily. Student’s life is not different; waking up in the morning, getting ready and going to school has become a monotonous task that they can’t escape from. It’s been a fight with time to get ready and running after the school bus everyday with the heavy school bags. Then, comes the assembly where they need to be present on each day. Overall, the entire experience of starting the whole day with these activities makes them lethargic and disinterested. That’s the reason we are trying to make their assembly hours interesting with some simple tips because if they can start their day with a lot of energy and fun, their performance will be better. So, let’s look at those simple ways –

Movie clips can be recreated

Movies are always interesting because of the visual and auditory effects they create. Therefore, recreating some movie clips in the assembly can be a very good idea to increase the interest of the students. If they start their day with something relatable and entertaining, they will automatically be energetic. For example, we can talk about a school in Arizona where a performance from The Wizard of Oz was included in the assembly to fetch the student’s attention.

Digital games can be added

Digital games can be added to grab all the eyeballs to the assembly stage. Digital games like Pac-man tournaments can be played between two students when others will observe with a lot of enthusiasm.

Gifts can be distributed

Gifts are always special, no matter what age we are. So if this strategy can be implemented in the assembly, it’ll surely attract the student’s attention. To promote science and creative activity, there should be competitions in the school and the students who performed well should be gifted during the assembly. Or the quiz competitions can also be arranged during the assembly. Who will answer the maximum right questions, will have a decent gift.

So, these are some simple yet important tips that you should keep in mind before conducting an assembly. Overall, it’s a creative process, so some interesting suggestions are always welcome.


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