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Few killer ways to grab the attention of your audience in a presentation

In a presentation, it doesn’t matter how much you know, the only thing that matters is how confidently you can convey your message to the audience.

Your performance at that moment depends on so many things like your presence of mind, confidence and the presentation skill. It needs a lot of practice to become confident in front of the crowd. Not only practicing, but structuring your presentation effectively is very much important to make a quality show. However, small things like speaking skill, body language will definitely help you in a good presentation. In this article, we’ll discuss a few more important ways to keep the audience awake for long. So, let’s look into them –

Start with something shocking

You should not start your presentation in a conventional way like the introduction about your topic. If you start this way, it can be boring after a moment. So, the suggestion is to start with something shocking and bold like a question. In this way, the listeners will be focused and you’ll have a better opportunity to present your topic.

Convey the story

Narratives are an important social tool that we use to convey our experiences. It becomes easy to understand anything when the context is expressed properly with a story. So, if you want to involve your listeners to the presentation, you’ll have to tell the story or create some real life examples, so that you’ll have the attention of each and everyone.

Go out of the script

It is good to prepare a script before a presentation, but you should not focus on the script too much. When you are on the track and fully engrossed in your presentation, then you must abandon your script. It should come naturally like you can speak about it in your dreams. Overall, you have to be familiar with your content so that you can easily go out of the script.

Change your tone frequently

Speaking constantly in a single tone can make the presentation boring no matter how the quality is. So, you have to change the pace of your voice so that you can attract the attention of everyone. Be loud sometimes when you need extra weightage and sometimes speak softly. Overall, you need to incorporate a bit of drama while you are on the stage.

At the end, you must remember that your presentation should not be boring. So, focus on these simple tricks and be confident on the stage.


Sohini is a journalism and mass communication enthusiast from Kolkata with an extreme interest in creative writing. Focused on entertainment, health and lifestyle, her stories could make your net surfing much more interesting.
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