Few most beautiful villages in the world that you must explore

‘Villages are a place where you can find peace, unity, strength, inspiration and most importantly, a natural and beautiful life. – Minahil Irfan.

Undoubtedly villages are very much appealing. But how many of us love to be there for a long time? Hardly a few. Most of us are attracted to the glamour of cosmopolitan existence, big skyscrapers, shopping malls and luxurious atmosphere. But, small villages can be alluring too. The best way to introduce yourself to the fundamental cultures of a certain region is to visit the small villages of that place. You’ll be able to know the actual shades of life, not that polished one provided in the city. The world is full of beautiful villages that’ll surely make you forget city life. Their beauty and richness are just incomparable. So, let’s look at some of them in this article.

The charm of Bibury is unforgettable.

Bibury is a small yet beautiful village, located on the bank of the river called Coln, situated in Gloucestershire of England. The great designer, William Morris, described it well as “The most beautiful village in England”. The stone cottages of the 17th century will definitely provide you with the chunks of Elizabethan England. The river flowing through the village creates a picturesque view that can’t be missed while in England.

Hallstatt, an amazing combination of river and mountain

This Austrian village consists of the Hallstatt Lake and the Dachstein Mountains, which create an amazing view that can’t be captured well with your expensive device. Along with its multi-million-dollar view, the historical significance is also predominant. One of the oldest salt mines can be seen in this village. Apart from enjoying the serenity of the atmosphere, you may visit the Hallstatt Museum, a 7000 years old artefact. Overall, you’ll surely fall in love with this place.

Alberobello, the dry-stone hut of Italy

This is an Italian village, well known for its dry-stone huts with a conical roof, called the Trullo. These old school constructions carry the instances of ancient building techniques. So, you can surely make your mind to be a part of history.

Oia, the white village

This white village is located on the top of the cliffs of Santorini. In this Greek village, you can have a jaw-dropping view of the Santorini caldera, the amazing scenic beauty of the Mediterranean beaches, with special mention of the black stone beach. The whiteness of Oia would definitely soothe your tired heart.

So, which one do you like the most? Will you make it a part of your bucket list? Don’t forget to share your wish with us.


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