Few of the most stunning deserted towns across the world

Have you ever experienced what a deserted town looks like? It is way more horrific than what you imagined.

Towns don’t get abandoned without any reason. It can be the result of nuclear disaster, war or erosion, or maybe even the downfall of a huge industry. From north to south and the far east to the west, there are many such towns around the globe that have witnessed such disastrous situations, in which people have abandoned the entire town permanently, and now only the lifeless structures are left in those towns. Now, they have become the delight of photographers, as many of them are used for filming locations after their demise. So, let’s talk about them in the following-

Hashima Island, a 16-acre abandoned town

It was a renowned coal mining region located on the southern Japanese island, a few miles away from the coast of Nagasaki. It reached the peak of prosperity during the years 1887 to 1974, when the coal mining industries were developing. But, after the rise of petroleum usage, it started losing its grandeur, and now it is a lifeless city with only concrete structures only. In 2015, it was granted the status of UNESCO world heritage site.

Kilamba New City, a disastrous result of the failed market research

This brand-new city, made by the Chinese, is loaded with all the luxuries and comforts of life. Still, it remained abandoned. Have you ever wondered why? Well, the reason can be the wrong market survey. It is so expensive that most Angola people find it out of their budget. As a result, only a few people have moved here, but most of the city is entirely empty. I hope it will have a life very soon.

Bodie, the ghost town of California

It was a town on the Nevada state line, located 75 miles southeast of Lake Tahoe. It is hard to believe after observing the present scenario that once it was a flourishing city. As the mining industry went into decline, it became deserted, and by 1915 it came to be known as the ‘ghost town’.

Oradour-Sur-Glane, an outcome of the great war

Once, it was a Nazi-occupied village of France. Later during a German-led massacre, 642 residents lost their lives, and it started becoming abandoned. Though it was rebuilt after the great war, it became a memorial according to the decision of the former president. Since then, it has been totally abandoned.

Do you know more about these places? Feel free to share your valuable thoughts with us.


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