Few of the Unintentionally Funny Bollywood Movies We Secretly Love Watching

Every year Bollywood gives us movies in various genres and their quality content ranges from classic to awfully bad. There are some movies we absolutely love and there are some movies we can’t stand but there is one more category of movies that are so bad that they are good. These types of unintentionally funny movies are great to watch during a lazy Sunday to have some good laugh. Here are a few such unintentionally funny Bollywood movies we secretly love watching.

Tarzan: The Wonder Car

Starring Vatsal Seth and Ayesha Takia, Tarzan: The Wonder Car is a guilty pleasure movie for many. You will be surprised to know that its TRP is one of the highest on television.

What can be weirder than someone designing a car in MS Paint? The answer is a man getting reincarnated as a car to take revenge on his murderers. Tarzan: The Wonder Car is the epitome of sheer stupidity where Vatsal Seth’s character renovates a whole using hammers and chisels. Also, Ajay Devgn as the scientist whose soul enters a car and takes revenge from his murderers is something that never happened before and after in world cinema.


It was the remake of SubhashGhai directed Karz which was actually a decent movie with nice songs but the remake is something so weird that we will start questioning the evolution theory.

After watching Karzzzzz with four extra Zs, you will start wondering what the use of millions of years of evolution is if it will end up with human beings making such a movie. The movie starred HimeshReshamiya in a weird wig as the reincarnated Monty who seeks revenge on his murderer of past life. If you are in the mood for some unintentionally funny scenes that it’s the perfect recipe for you.

JaaniDushman :EkAnokhiKahani

The bigger mystery than Bermuda Triangle is how come actors like Sunny Deol, Akshay Kumar, Suneil Shetty, Arshad Warsi, and AftabShivdasani actually agree to do this movie. 

It was the debut movie of singer Sonu Nigam which we are sure he regrets now but we still wonder what made a plethora of actors signs this movie. Did the director of the movie have some secret MMS of these actors which compelled them to do this movie? With cringe-worthy VFX and absurd story, JaaniDushman: EkAnokhiKahani is a movie to watch when you are high and need something to laugh and trip on.


Deshdrohi starring now-famous KRK is definitely the winner in this list of unintentionally funny movies.

Deshdrohi was produced and acted by Kamal R Khan, popularly known as KRK. This is absolutely the best worst movie that ever came out of Bollywood. No actors in this movie know what they are doing in the movie and it was actually sad to see Gracy Singh who worked in movies like Lagaan, Munnabhai MBBS, and Gangajal to sleepwalk throughout the movie. A gem of a movie when it comes to bad movies and KRK recently announced its sequel.

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