Few places in India where breathtaking rainbows can be seen

The beauty of a rainbow is found in the unity of its multiple colours, which teach us to embrace the beauty of diversity.

Rainbow is probably the only reason for which we romanticize the monsoon. The amalgamation of seven beautiful colours feels rejuvenating, and it also gives colour to nature in the cloudy and apparently dull monsoon. But, unfortunately for today’s urban life, we are deprived of this beauty as in cities like Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata, the air pollution is very dominant, and the sky is not even properly visible because of the growing skyscrapers. Therefore, if you want to enjoy the beauty of a clear sky and rainbow, you have to travel a bit far. Here is the list of some destinations in India where you can experience the amazing beauty of rainbows-

Cherrapunjee, Meghalaya

We all know what Cherrapunji is famous for; undoubtedly, it is the incomparable scenic beauty and the heavy rainfall. The air is always heavy with water which creates favourable conditions for rain. And this is the first essential factor to form a beautiful rainbow. After the rain, when the sunlight peeps through the clouds, then the colourful beauty is visible. Make sure to go to a viewpoint where the bright clear rainbow can easily be seen.

Agumbe, Karnataka

Agumbe, also known as “the Cherrapunjee of Karnataka”, is a small high-altitude village situated in the southern Indian state of Karnataka. It is surrounded by Western Ghats mountains and dense rainforests. Every year this region receives heavy rainfall during the monsoon, which creates a favourable condition for rainbows to form.  Places like sunset point, Barkana falls, and Koodlu Theertha is some of the spots from where you can see picturesque rainbows. But don’t forget to take salt to defend the leeches.

Chinnakallar, Tamil Nadu

Chinnakallar is a small area that is the second place to be associated with Cherrapunjee for rainfall. It is also famous for its Chinnakallar falls, a waterfall in the Valparai taluk, Coimbatore district, and this is the best place during the monsoon to spot breathtaking rainbows. Don’t forget to visit the hanging bridge with a huge number of elephants who are masters of this place.

Lonavala, Maharashtra

Lonavala is well known for a lot of things. This is a place covered with lush green forest, which shows its actual beauty during the monsoon. It seems like colourful rainbows reveal the inner beauty and grace of the forest, which is beyond the single green colour. If you want to visit Lonavala, make sure to visit during the time of monsoon.

So, let me know which place attracts you the most?


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