Few places on earth where the sun never sets

Can you imagine such places where the sun remains for 24 hours? Well, no need to imagine because it’s there in the world.

The world is full of strange things that are sometimes hard to believe. It’s okay not to know about these, but when we come to know, that is the moment of surprise and shock to us. One of such things will be discussed in this topic. There are few places in the globe where there is no sunset for more than 70 days. Hard to believe, right? Now, let’s talk about these places one by one.

Norway, the land of Midnight Sun

The first in this list should be Norway, a country situated in the Arctic circle, sharing the border with Sweden and Finland. In this country, the sun never sets from May to late July. This means around 76 days; there is no night in Norway. One thing that can also be mentioned is that in Svalbard, the northernmost region of Europe and a part of Norway, the sun is constant from April to late August. Therefore, it is highly recommended to visit the place during the light.

Nunavut, Canada

Nunavut is a place in the northwestern part of Canada where the sun is constant for two months. It is possible because of the location, which is around two degrees above the Arctic Circle. This place also sees 30 consecutive days of total darkness during winters.


Iceland, the country of no mosquito, is the second-largest island in Europe after Great Britain. During the summer, it has normal days and nights, but in winter, the sun never sets for one month, and that is in the month of June. If you want to see the midnight sun, you can visit Akureyri and Grimsey Island in the Arctic Circle.

Barrow, Alaska

Utqiaġvik, famously known as Barrow from 1901 to 2016, is the largest city of the northernmost part of the U.S states of Alaska. From late May to late July, the sun always shines there and from early November to the next 30 days, the sun remains hidden, which is called the polar night. The time of the polar night is in the harsh winter. If you are fascinated by winters, you can visit Barrow to experience the snow-covered mountains and amazing glaciers in summer as well as in winter.

These are the few places that you can put on your bucket list in order to experience the mesmerising beauty of light and darkness. What’s to say?


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