Few questions to ask before you accept a job offer.

Getting a job offer is exciting, but it’s important to ask some important questions before accepting the job offer. This will save you from early heartbreaks after joining. Read on to know these important points.

What’s the company culture?

Work culture is one of the most important things to look at before you join an organization. There is no set template, and every company has its unique culture that can make the stay for employees a dream come true or nightmare! Make sure to look out for synergies between your work ethics and personality with the company culture!

How’s the company doing, and what are the short terms goals?

You may want to ensure that you are not joining an organization that is going on sale in the next 6-12 months. It’s important to talk about the company’s plan and stability directly and also check at platforms such as glassdoor.com, google or other relevant places to know about this in greater detail.

 Are you comfortable with the pay offered, including the bonus?

You will not want to waste your time and the company’s training you if you end up leaving the job in 6 months. So, it’s important to reassure yourself that the salary offered is in line with your expectation. Further, verify the bonus payout and its implication on your take-home component!

Have you clearly understood the job profile, and does it offer career advancement as per your expectation?

You need to ensure that you clearly understand before taking the assignment what is expected from you. While there will always be some ambiguity, you want to ensure that you are broadly aligned with the role and responsibilities. Moreover, it’s important to know the upward mobility potential in future. Else you will feel stuck up.

 How will the success in the role be measured?

Every company has different measures of success; many companies use analytics and other metrics to measure performance. You should ask the hiring manager about this. To bring this to life, ask aboutwhat type of people have been successful in this role and what contributed to their success.

 What are other benefits like the medical cover, transportation costs?

Check about when the medical cover starts and what all it includes. Is there any need to pay for the cover, and do you need to take some additional cover? Moreover, ask about additional components like dental, vision, mental wellbeing or gym membership. Secondly, evaluate the cost of travel to perform the job as well!

These questions will surely help you in a perfect start to a new role.