Few simple ways to improve your memory.

If you are misplacing your car keys and important papers often, then it is time to follow some simple ways to improve your memory.

We all laugh at the jokes and anecdotes of professors that seem to have the memory of goldfish. But have you imagined yourself in the same situation? Forgetting even some of the basic things? Or have you started forgetting some things already? Like your car keys or the name of the co-worker who joined last week? If so, it is time you start paying attention to your memory and start implementing some of these simple ways to improve your memory.

The 8-second rule.

The simplest and the most effective way of jogging and improving your memory is to stop for a while and concentrate for 8 seconds. If you really need to remember something, just give your mind 8 seconds to concentrate on that. This way, according to science, information goes from your short-term memory to long-term memory.

Exercise often.

One more reason why you should hit the gym often and work out. Exercising is the answer to all your physical and mental problems, and it is extremely beneficial for your retaining your memory. Exercising increases the supply of oxygen in the brain and helps increase alertness. Some studies even suggest that it can also increase the cell growth in the parts of the brain which is responsible for your memory.


Whenever we decided to pull that all-nighter before our important test and exam, do you remember how our parents told us to sleep and revise everything early in the morning? That is because sleep helps you remember the information better. So, when you sleep after studying, your brain consolidates all the memory and info into long-term memory, helping you remember all you studied the night before.

Clenching in a fist.

If you are struggling with memory at your workplace then keep a stress ball with you and clench it tightly in your fist. Science shows that clenching your fist tightly and correctly helps you retain information and also recall things when needed. When you are trying to memorize something, make a fist and clench it for good forty-five seconds. Remember, left-handers should clench their left hand, whereas right-handers should do it with their right hand.

Including these simple ways in your daily routine would not only help your memory but also would make your brain active and healthy.

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