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Few steps to overcome your atrocities with a lot of courage and positivity

Human personality is full of contradictions. We have two different sides of our personality; one is the positive side, and the other is the negative, which consists of doubt, wickedness and some negative thoughts about oneself and others.

The proportion of these two sides creates our personality. It’s normal to have some complicated nature in our overall personality; however, when it starts increasing, it becomes a serious issue. It may come from so many things like the experience of life or your surroundings. But, our discussion is not about the problems but the solutions. What to do to overcome the self atrocities? Well, let’s look at a few steps to overcome the atrocities with a lot of courage and positivity –

Self-Compassion can be the initial step.

If you are able to recognize your own atrocities and try to cope with them, just remember we all are humans; therefore, we should act like humans, not animals. We all make mistakes, and it’s absolutely normal but recognizing those mistakes is something which matters the most. Be kind to yourself and to others.

Try to communicate with people as much as possible

Communication with a knowledgeable person can rectify yourself, and it can bring something new to you. Through communication, you can enhance the range of your thinking, which can be a great help to overcome self atrocities. The right person and the right guidance can create a hell and heaven difference in you.

Do not think of comparing yourself with others.

Those who can’t do anything for themselves compare themselves with others. It is a loop of misery that is hard to overcome once you are into it. Therefore, stay away from comparison and start doing something creative which can make you engage so that you can stay away from the atrocities.

Be mindful of what you are thinking

Sometimes, we don’t even recognize that we are getting involved in self-atrocity because we have become so used to it. To overcome this situation, we have to be mindful all the time regarding in what direction our thinking is leading us. If we can practice this mindfulness, we can replace the atrocity with something fruitful and positive. Taking a moment and asking yourself is very important.

However, you have to remember that nothing is impossible if you have good intentions. So, think honestly and try to work with positivity.


Sohini is a journalism and mass communication enthusiast from Kolkata with an extreme interest in creative writing. Focused on entertainment, health and lifestyle, her stories could make your net surfing much more interesting.
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