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Few Tips to Leave an Impression on Your First Date (Part I)

The first date leaves an impression that is going to affect how the relationship goes in the future.

The famous phrase, ‘first impression is the last impression’ is very much true in the case of going on your first date with someone special. Here are a few tips to leave an impression during your first date.

  1. Pick a Good Place to Meet 

Deciding the place to meet her/him for the first time is the most important thing while going on your first date.

The most important thing while going on the first date is to decide the place where you are going to meet someone special. Discuss with your date before picking up the place and don’t make the decision alone. Your favorite restaurant may not be a comfortable place or preference for your date, so don’t decide upon the place on your own. Never go to a club/discotheque for the first date as the conversation is going to be the most important aspect when you are meeting him/her for the first time and there is no point going to a club for a first date where you can’t even hear each other clearly. A fine dining restaurant or a good place to have a good cup of coffee are good options as there you can converse with each other without being bothered by noise or crowd.

  1. Dress Well

The way you dress is very important to leave an impression during your first date. Don’t go over the top with dressing.

When you are going to meet your date for the first time, it’s very important the way you dress. If you are a girl, it’s better to go subtle and don’t wear something that reveals much of your body. Dress in what you are comfortable in and make it elegant. Try to dress slightly nicer than you would for an average date without going over the top. Also, dress accordingly to the place where you are going to meet but remember to be comfortable in what you wear. There is no point in wearing something you are not comfortable with to make an impression.

  1. Arrive on Time

Try to arrive on time both of you have decided upon and it’s even better if you arrive early.

Your time of arrival also plays a very important role while going on a date for the first time. It will decide how punctual you are and how important the date is for you. Never be late than the time decided upon as it may make your date think that he/she is not that important. It’s better if you reach fifteen minutes earlier as it will reveal how important the date is for you and it will lay the foundation for future dates.

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