FIFA World Cup History: All the Eight Winners and Their Trophy Counts

The FIFA World Cup started in 1930, i.e., 92 years ago. However, in 92 years, only eight countries have touched the trophy

The FIFA World Cup started in 1930, i.e., 92 years ago. However, in 92 years, only eight countries have touched the trophy. If you are new to the world of football, we have drafted this basic article just for you, which contains all the World Cup winners since 1930 and the number of trophies they possess. Read till the end to learn who are the favourites or the dominant teams of the FIFA World Cup.

What is the importance of this article?

Football is a game loved by almost the entire world which means, every year, lakhs of people spun into fans of football. Therefore, it is important for those rookies to know the basics of the FIFA World Cup tournament. For those new fans, this rudimentary article about winners of the World Cup is worth a read.

Brazil, five trophies

The South American nation won its first trophy in 1958 and its last one in 2002. Since 1930, they have collected the maximum number of trophies.

Germany, the most consistent one

Four-time World Cup winner Germany is the most consistent side in the tournament’s history. They have played 13 semi-finals so far.

Italy’s present poor run

Italy may not have qualified for the 2022 and 2018 editions, but they have four trophies under their belt. Their last win was in 2006.

Maradona and Argentina

Argentina has two trophies in their cabinet; thanks to late former Argentine superstar Diego Maradona. Unfortunately, Messi is yet to lead Argentina to its third trophy.

Uruguay, the first winner

Much may not be aware of the country Uruguay, but they won the first-ever World Cup trophy in 1930 and picked up a second one in 1950.

France, a dominant force without much glory

France has always been a dominant force, but they have only two trophies in their cabinet. The first one arrived in 1998 and the second in 2018. They lost a final in 2006.

England, one trophy

England picked up their one and only trophy in 1966. The Three Lions reached the semi-final round in 1990 and 2018, but could not proceed to the final.

Spain, Iniesta’s incredible score in 2010

Spain has given birth to countless legendary players and they have one of the best leagues in the world. However, Spain only has one trophy that they won in 2010.

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