Published By: Alfaraz Laique

Film Camera VS Digital Camera: which is better

For many years, filmmakers have used film camera to shoot movies. It is the oldest form of shooting available to mankind but then came digital camera which revolutionized the whole scenario. Film camera have their own charm and beauty, they are loved by many for the authenticity they bring to the clip. On the other hand, digital cameras have digitalized the movie making. Let’s find out which is better.

Digital cameras are considered as better than film cameras because they are fast, dynamic, and they can be used for a long period of time with rechargeable batteries. Also, they are great for keeping the archives and storing the clips. On the other hand, film cameras take time as you need to develop the film reel in a dark room to see the picture you have taken. Also, for storing the clips, you will have to store them in a film reel. However, despite their barriers and restrictions, film cameras are very often liked by the directors and filmmakers who even today, like to use them for filmmaking.

Advantages of shooting with film camera

Whenever you go to a film school, the first thing you will learn is to shoot on a film camera. Film cameras have a rich history because of which they are important. However, they have other benefits too. Shooting with a film camera is cheaper as compared to a digital camera and their ability to capture white and blacks is far better than a digital camera. It is because the sensor present in the film camera takes time to capture the white and blacks in a complete raw form but does it efficiently. Another important advantage of using a film camera is that you do not need any kind of power of batteries to shoot with it. You can go for an outdoor with a film camera without thinking about the power issue.

Advantages of using a digital camera

Digital cameras have more functions and settings. You can change the resolutions, settings between the photographs and can use the exposure efficiently. These cameras are generally lighter in weight than film cameras which make them easier to carry. However, the most important benefit of using a digital camera is the storage capacity of these cameras. You just need a small memory card to capture so many images and videos. Also, if you are someone who likes to play with the clicked pictures, you can edit your images in the camera only in most of the digital cameras in today’s times.