Film critic and author Khalid Mohamed books we must read

With the knack for storytelling, all of his narrations are beautiful

A journalist, scriptwriter, author, film critic, and director, Khalid Mohamed has a lot of great work to his credit. A film critic, who has rarely given any Bollywood film a five-star, is known for his sharp eye as he himself is a scriptwriter. While he has directed the films Fiza, Tehzeeb, and Silsilaay, he has also written the script on the life of his mother and Indian actress Zubeida Begum. In fact, has ventured into theatre as a playwright and director of the stageplay Kennedy Bridge. Mohamed also has a documentary called The Last Irani Chai was screen worldwide. Be it as an editor for a leading daily in India, Mohamed is admired for a lot of his work in the film industry. He has also translated the eminent painter MF Husain’s autobiography from Hindustani to English.

So here are a few of his books that will give an insight into what is called the Bollywood and some of its famed stars.

Two Mothers and Other Stories
This book by the author dwells on various narratives and themes. A collection of stories that appear deeply personal, all allocated in Mumbai the narrations seem to come from the personal experiences of the author from having lived in the city knowing it inside out. The book also throws light on Mumbai’s Zoroastrian Irani cafes and the community that is fast vanishing, a look at the underworld and familial bond among various others with a twist in the tale.

Asha Parekh: The Hit Girl
The person of interest in this book has spilled all beans, right from her childhood to her early days in acting, her personal life, her retirement from acting, and to being involved in the well-being of the backbone of the film industry- the technicians. The veteran actress has divulged all about her life for her fans and the author has beautifully strung the memories together into words. Parekh shares a lot about her life, her childhood days at acting, an obedient student who went straight to her classical dance lessons after school hours, to her first break as a leading lady in Bollywood, a narration of her success all through the 60s and early 70s.

A few other of Khalid Mohamed’s books are To be or not to be: Amitabh Bachchan, Faction: Short Stories by 22 Film Personalities and The Aladia Sisters.

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