Films Food Lovers Would Love To Gorge On

Both food and films bring people closer and if the two are made into one, it is the best feeling in the world.

You get the best of both worlds when you put food and films together. There are a plenty of films out there that are based on food and cuisines that guarantee a delicious experience for foodies. While some of these films move around the wonders of cooking and of course eating, the others make food a way of connecting with deeper themes in the narrative. Whether it is a rat who wants to fulfill his dream of becoming a chef or a chef who finds a new way of connecting with food and family, here are a few films that would make you fall in love with the genre.

Julie and Julia

Essentially a film about food and how it can impact two lives separated by years, Julie and Julia is as comforting a film as your favorite comfort food. It follows around two women Julia Child, the famous chef, and Julie Powell, an ordinary blogger both of whom rediscover themselves through their love for food. The two ladies find their dream as their lives are intertwined with a passion for food.


Burnt, the title of the film seems like a wordplay that’s associated not only with cooking but also with the plot that involves a burned-out chef turned into an alcoholic. The film provides a realistic account of the stressful conditions in which a kitchen runs and that sometimes it can contain more pressure than that in a pressure cooker. It holds up the struggles that a chef goes through on a daily basis while also achieving his dream.


One of the greatest films ever made and coming from Pixar studios, Ratatouille is an absolute watch if you are a true foodie. The story follows a rat whose dream is to cook and once he finally ends up in a kitchen in Paris, his mission becomes to help a clueless chef make it big in the restaurant business.


Chef is a delicate wonder from Jon Favreau that follows an out of work renowned chef rediscover his passion for food. What’s more? The film takes you around exploring food in a food truck all while a chef bonds with his son over cooking and food.

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