Films To Watch On a Girls’ Night In

Getting ready for that sleepover with your girls with wine, popcorn and a list of the best chick flicks of all times!

Not every day is the girls’ night out scene where you want to be dressed as a bomb, heading over to the best pub in the city and spending your money and time being wild with your girls. Sometimes you would rather be with your girlfriends in your PJs with popcorn, ice-cream and wine inside the comfort of your home. For such evenings with your girls in, you must keep handy a list of the best chick flicks for when you need some time off the juicy gossip. Here’s a list of movies you can watch on you next girls’ night in.

I Am Not an Easy Man

A hidden gem among Netflix originals, this one is for you if you and your girlfriends just want to watch something where you do not have to invest much energy or attention. It is super easy going and would leave you feeling satisfied after that “god, if only” storyline. The film follows a chauvinist who accidentally ends up banging his head and waking up in a women-controlled world. You and your girls are going to have a gala time watching a regressive man get the taste of his own medicine. It is a revenge fantasy that all of us secretly need.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s

A classic of the classics! What’s better for a girls’ movie night in than Audrey Hepburn? Hepburn plays Holly Golightly, an escort seeking true love. Although there are a few issues with the film’s plot, it nevertheless is a classic chick flick for a classic girls’ night in. You will love it if you are a sucker for classic romantic comedies.


Amy Adams as a princess! Is there any role this woman can’t play? Enchanted is the story of a princess who literally steps out of a fairytale and into the mean world of the mortals. She falls upon New York City, cynical place for someone coming from the world of fairytales and happily ever afters. There’s romance, there’s magic and, well, there’s James Marsden. The film is relatable to anyone who has believed in fairytales only to be broken by the fast paced cynical world. Moreover, the film is a blended with live action graphics which makes it all the more worthy and cute.

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