Published By: Puja Sinha

Financial Utility and Resourcefulness of Livestream Selling

Livestream shopping has made a mark for its continuous commitment to the three Cs—content, commerce and community, and here is how to make the most of it

Livestream marketing is all about info wrapped in the precious, glittery foil of entertainment. The platform has gained traction for being tremendously consumer-oriented and aggressive in branding and marketing. While it always allows space for context, it simultaneously provides scope for quality engagement and high gratification. Initially, the concept thrived among local or regional brands, but, today, even the big names have thrown their hats into the ring and joined the bandwagon. 


Here a three pro tips for a higher sales rate by live streaming:


Do Not Fall for the Off the Cuff Approach

It is sagacious to not opt for a livestream shopping event with a blank mind just for the sake of spontaneity. While it is never feasible to have a set of answers ready for every question, minimum preparation and prior planning. Jotting down integral info—such as product details and potential limitations of the products (allergens etc.), to share with viewers would establish credibility and trust. Answering questions that cannot be conveyed via product labels in one tried and tested way to boost sales.


The basic details that would build a relationship of trust and faith with customers should not be left unanswered. 


Curate the Finest Doorbuster Deals

Doorbuster deals are tremendously successful in triggering FOMO and compelling customers to grab the products at a slashed price. The Black Friday and Cyber Monday doorbuster deal are originally championed by brick-and-mortar shops. With these deals, you offer an array of limited-edition products at ultra-cheap prices which lure frenzied shoppers to browse and place orders, live. 


On this note, do not forget to promote the live sale on social media platforms using the right keywords and hashtags.


Tie Up with Influencers

Influencer-powered live stream is here to stay! With the rise in macro influencer culture, business strategists have been wisely using resources and strategising marketing gimmicks in a way that lets them pull a whopping number of viewers and declare the live stream event an extravaganza at the end. Using macro influencers to up the shoppability of the products is one such strategy. 


The concept of using Insta-influencers is all about enhancing the engagement angle while also working on the purchase curve. Similarly, it would be prudent to launch the influencers around festivities and holidays to tap into the unbound holiday spree and assure high conversions for the product/brand.