Finding the perfect clothes for your body type

Tips to find perfect clothes by identifying your specific body type

All of us have different body shapes and sizes, this is the reason you should choose your perfect fit clothes which have to be flattering and comfortable for you. But when it comes to shopping why invest so much time in trial rooms, when you can easily use some tips for shopping and save your precious time and choices. Follow these tips while you shop for clothes and you’ll know the difference.

Identify your body type:

Clothes come in different sizes so it’s really important to understand which body type you have. There are separate sizes and shapes of clothes. Measuring your bust hips and waist is basic for any clothes and just because our body changes in size we should notice it, and measure ourselves at least once a month.

Different body shapes:

As discussed before women come in different body shapes, here are these body shapes that will help you to understand the shape you have. (a) Triangle shape where the waist is wider than bust with fuller hips and narrow shoulders, (b) hourglass shape which is considered a well defined waist with curves. (c) Inverted triangle shape where the shoulders are broad and hips are not curvier than the body. (d) Rectangle shape is usually known as athletic shape because it’s not as curvy.

Modified body for diet or exercise:

Every body shape is unique in its own way but we are allowed to change our body shapes if we want and sometimes it can happen naturally. There are several exercises which can make changes in several parts of the body, women naturally change shapes around the chest and hip and it can happen as you age. Sometimes reducing and gaining weight in your body can make huge changes in shapes hence ensure that you measure yourself before buying new clothes every time.

What would suit you the best:

Dressing up is an art and showcasing the best attributes of your body type is what makes the difference. For example with a triangular shape you would benefit from wearing loose t-shirts or jackets on top which is slimming towards your waist. This would give you a form of hourglass look. Similarly the goal is to highlight what you love the most about your body, you can dress in a pair of jeans with a shirt, t-shirt of your choice and still look chic just by identifying the perfect prints that compliment your shape.

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