First line of defense! Why your skin barrier matters and how to take care of it

The skin barrier is your body’s defensive mechanism against environmental threats.

There are various products on drugstore and beauty store shelves that aim to help nourish and protect your skin. Some of these are designed to remove dead skin cells and others are designed to keep it looking fresh. All of these products work on your body’s outermost layer, which is referred to as the skin barrier. What’s its purpose and what can it do to damage? In this article, we’ll talk about the various steps that you can take to restore and protect the skin barrier.

What’s your skin barrier and what is its function

The skin is composed of various layers, each of which functions as a vital part of your body’s defense against harmful substances. The outermost layer, known as the stratum corneum, is made up of tough skin cells that are bound together by a type of lipid known. This is the skin barrier

The outer layers of your skin are called “bricks cells,” and they contain natural and keratin products. The lipid layer is composed of fatty acids and ceramides. The skin barrier is made of a thin brick wall that’s designed to keep harmful environmental elements and pathogens from entering your body.

Without the skin barrier, the water in your body would evaporate and leave you dehydrated. It’s important that it’s protected to keep your body functioning properly.

What can damage your skin barrier

Your skin fights off various threats daily, and some of these come from outside your body. Some of the internal factors that can affect the function of your skin barrier include stress and pollution.

Other factors that can affect the function of your skin barrier include excessive exposure to pollutants and chemicals, over-exfoliation, and psychological distress. Certain genetic factors can also increase the risk of developing skin conditions such as psoriasis and atopic dermatitis.

How to protect and restore your skin’s outer layer

The outer layer of your skin, known as the skin barrier, is designed to protect your body from environmental threats while also keeping water balanced. If you notice that your skin is feeling dry, itchy, or inflamed, then it’s important that you take immediate action to restore and protect it.

You can also help repair the damage that’s been done to your skin’s outer layer by implementing a simple yet effective skin care regimen. Some of these include using products that contain a pH level that’s suitable for your skin, and using a moisturizer that’s made with hyaluronic acid or ceramides, glycerin, honey, and urea.

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