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Five Amazing Lipstick Shades That Every Dark-Skinned Woman Should Swear By

Are the lipstick shade suggestions made by Hollywood actresses and white-skinned influencers not working well for you? We are here to solve your color crisis.

Your entire appearance depends on the color of your lipstick - it can make your look and also break it - based on how contrasting or light they are with your skin tone and outfit. We all have different skin tones and undertones, and there is no ONE lipstick shade that fits everyone. If you are a dusky-skinned woman, finding the perfect lipstick may seem like an uphill battle. But we are here to help you find the best color for your pout.

Purple and Berry

Ladies love this shade on their pout ‘berry much.’ If you have a dark brown complexion, make purple your staple shade. It not only offers a vivacious and bold vibe, but also complements the skin tone without appearing too bright. And if you are not afraid of trying purple on your pout, consider going a little darker toward a berry shade.

Cocoa and Deep Brown

Flaunt your beautiful dark skin to the world and elevate your natural beauty. Try colors like burnt chocolate with lively red and blue undertones. Deep brown and cocoa flatter dark skin colors and can be worn at any time of the day.


If you want to achieve a makeup look that appears minimal, look no further than nude lipsticks. While many people call this shade dull, you can make it your go-to. Brown-skinned women should not be hesitant to try shades of nude because they can offer an instant edge. You may try variations of nudes like nude peach, berry nude, pink nude, and many more.

Rust Red

Tired of wearing the typical statement red lipstick? Time to switch to a red lipstick with orange undertones. Rust red with orange undertones, when applied on dusky skin, leaves an overpowering effect. A brick red or rusty red lipstick offers the perfect balance to dark skin, and looks stunning and naturally radiant.

Deep Wine or Burgundy

Dusky-skinned women can slay in any bold and deep colors with confidence. Burgundy and wine are two lipstick shades that have been reigning in the hearts of dusky women since time immemorial. These rocking colors with their edgy and tough tint can make heads turn for your dreamy pout. There are countless wine and burgundy lipstick shades out there, but consider the undertone of your skin while choosing the perfect fit.

Lastly, remember to opt for lipstick shades with cool undertones to naturally brighten up your complexion.