Published By: Satavisha

Five Aquatic Plants For Aquarium That You Can Grow In Gravel

Many people wonder if their aquarium plants will thrive in gravel. The truth is, it entirely depends on the plant species that you want to grow.

Several aquatic plants grow well in gravel. If you want original plants to grow and thrive in an aquarium, you have to provide the ideal living conditions. Apart from optimal water parameters, lighting, CO2, and fertilization - it is essential to get the ideal substrate, as it plays a vital role in determining the health of your plants in the aquarium. Check out five gorgeous aquatic plants for your gravel substrate.

Amazon Sword 

Amazon Sword is an incredible plant to begin our list with because beginners will not have to face a hard time growing it. It requires moderate light and can thrive under several different temperatures. This plant has sword-like leaves and is perfect for aquariums.

Madagascar Lace 

Madagascar Lace grows extremely well in gravel substrate; however, caring for this plant is not very easy. You have to constantly ensure that your plants are receiving the optimum conditions necessary for healthy growth. Even inconsiderable alterations in its surroundings can lead to the plant’s stunted growth.

Java Fern 

Ferns grow incredibly well in gravel and need scanty fertilizer to survive. Java ferns demand little maintenance and can adapt to nearly all types of environments. They prefer low light, and your finned buddies will also love having Java ferns in their aquarium. Its leaves are big, and the plant does not grow super-fast.


Buce plant or Bucephalandra is a popular plant used for aquascaping. This distinctive plant comes in numerous varieties, and one can distinguish them by their leaf shapes, varying colors (dark violet to blue and green), and sizes. Some varieties of this plant are even multi-colored. Buce plants are ideal for tanks with an inert substrate.

Red Tiger Lotus

This stunning flowering aquarium plant can grow in gravel. However, it has one drawback: if you plant it underwater, it will not bear flowers. But the plant also has gorgeous leaves to compensate for the same. When growing Red Tiger Lotus underwater, make sure you offer the plant sufficient fertilizer, as it requires a lot of nutrients to thrive in water, and mind you, gravel cannot fulfill these requirements.

Gravel helps plants to stay rooted, and it is a wonderful addition to aquariums, as it can elevate the appearance of your aquatic greenery.