Five ayurvedic tips for a summer pregnancy

Pregnancy is a time when you face so many things and if it is a summer pregnancy then you need to take measures to handle the heat. Pregnancy is a beautiful yet difficult process. There are five ayurvedic tips which you can try to ease your summer pregnancy.

Clay pot water – Many people are habitual with storing water in a clay pot or matka. It has many therapeutic benefits like a natural cooling effect which many people find ideal to drink as it is not too cold or too warm. It is good for the throat, prevents heat stroke, boosts metabolism and it creates a proper pH balance. It is healthy for pregnant women, in the same way, also this water has a beautiful fragrance of soil which is helpful for them especially when there are having nausea.

Gulkand Milk – Gulkand, an ayurvedic tonic is undoubtedly the most delicious ayurvedic preparation known to mankind. It is healthy to consume gulkand milk in summer pregnancy to beat the heat. It also solves many other common pregnancy problems like constipation. It is a huge source of antioxidants, natural acidity reliever, and acts as a natural purifier and stress buster.

Neem leaves for bathing – Neem is also known as the ‘Miracle Tree’ because of its tremendous medical properties. Taking its bath during summer pregnancy is extremely soothing as it has antimicrobial properties and helps in common pregnancy rash. It helps in fighting bacteria and germs and keeps your body naturally cool. But eating neam during pregnancy is not safe and must be taken care of its uses.

Apply Chandanlepa (sandalwood paste) – Sandalwood paste is a wonderful ancient formula to soothe the skin and cure heat rashes. It contains cooling agents and herbs that are skin rejuvenating once the blemishes are cured. Make a paste of sandalwood powder by mixing it in water or milk and apply it to your skin and enjoy its cooling and soothing benefits, especially in summer pregnancy.

Use cotton undergarments – Using cotton undergarments is essential in summers because they are breathable. Cotton fabric is comfortable and keeps sweat clear and also prevents infection. Wearing cotton undergarments during summer pregnancy is effective in tolerating heat and does not irritate sensitive skin.


These are some ayurvedic tips to beat the heat during a summer pregnancy. All the tips are soothing and have cooling properties in some or the other way. But consulting your gynaecologist before adopting any of the tips is advisable.

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