Five Best DIY Hobbies to Try

Nurturing DIY hobbies is a great way to minimise unpleasant distractions from getting at you


Inexpensive yet highly satiating DIY, indoor hobbies.


Bonsai: Selecting and growing plant species for bonsai is quite a pleasant and creative hobby to indulge in. First, DIY bonsai plants are prettier than store-brought tress and thrive better. Once you have zeroed in on the options that can survive the local climate, determine the most suitable positions. Some may flourish in partial shades while others under direct sunlight. Find small pots to curb tree growth. Wire the mini branches to style the trees as you prefer. Plenty of bonsai guidelines are available on the internet to guide you through the nitty-gritties of the art. For each bonsai species, note down the watering, temperature, maintenance and repotting details.


Wall Hanging: Upcycling to create aesthetic pieces of wall hanging is an efficient way to sharpen your creative prowess and make good use of old, discarded things. Homemade wall art is composed of diverse objects—quilts, baskets, trip maps, old newspapers, leafs, floral patterns and old calendars. You will never run out of ideas to refashion materials fallen out of use into miniature, exquisite designs for gifts or revamping home decoration. 


Foil Art: Pretty convenient option to send personalised birthday, anniversary, thank you or invitation cards, foil art gives you the space to experiment crazily. The essential supplies you need—laser printer, laminator, cardstock and deco foil, are not expensive either. Furthermore, you can turn this simple hobby into an art store once you have mastered the intricacies of rendering beautiful designs on card. 


Bullet Journaling: No better way to chronicle your meditations and reflections without letting go of their quintessence than bullet journaling. By practising this hobby, you are allowing yourself the opportunity to scribble, paste, doodle and draw on the pages. Be liberal and creative with the art supplies you use and try switching to DIY while at it. You hardly need to hoard materials, but instead get started with the bare minimum you have. Polaroid photos, post-it notes, old flower metals, scraps of newspapers or letters, in a nutshell, whatever is personally valuable to you can be used in the journal.


Knitting: Once you learn your way around yarn and needles, go berserk to design sweaters, mufflers, socks, mittens, beanie hats and mini carpets among a host of other cute things. Knitting as a hobby is vehemently engrossing, colourful and distinct. Each project may take up a couple of weeks to months and till you finish it off, there is no respite! 

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