Five best multi day treks in India

A day trek is a good start but you haven’t really trekked unless you have to sleep in tents and makeshift accommodations at nights and cook under the open sky. A multi day treks is when the real fun and adventure begins. And the best thing is you don’t have to be an expert hiker if you want to go in one.

Hampta Pass Trek (Himachal Pradesh)

Hampta Pass is the small corridor between Kullu Valley and Lahaul’s Chandra Valley in Himachal Pradesh. This is often called Himachal’s valley of flowers and the good thing is that it is an easier trek than the Valley of Flowers trek in Uttarakhand. It’s a five day trek, making it ideal for your first multi day trek if you are a beginner. The best time to do Hampta Pass Trek is from June to early November.

Dzongri Trek (Sikkim)

Dzongri trek is one of the shorter treks to do in Sikkim and is quite popular among hikers from around the country because the whole thing can be done under a week. This five day trek is actually a portion of the greater Goechala Trek. It begins from Yuksam and covers fifty odd kilometers to Dzongri La at 4250 meters high from where you get a spectacular view of the Himalayas making up for the whole journey’s worth. You may choose to do this trek in the summers between April to June or in autumn between October to December.

Valley of Flowers Trek (Uttarakhand)

This is probably the most photographed trek you will find in Instagram and for good reasons. The trek itself is about forty kilometers in total which can be done in four to five days. July to Mid September is the best time for visit because that’s when the flowers bloom in the valley.Even though it is rated Intermediate in terms of difficulty level, even beginners with basic fitness levels can do the trek.

Markha Valley Trek (Ladakh)

Markha valley trek is a high altitude trek so some amount of acclimatization is necessary beforehand. This week long trek will take you to more than 5200 meters above sea level. The trek is a unique experience of walking in an arid desert with majestic views of Ladakh and Zanskar ranges. You will have to do this trek between July and mid September before the snow starts to fall.In terms of difficulty levels, we’d term it Moderate to Expert.

Pemako Trek (Arunachal Pradesh)

The Pemako trek is a very well known one in the world among the followers of Tibetan Buddhism.  It has been foretold in Buddhist scriptures that when the world ends, humanity will survive in only a few small pockets. One such pockets or Beyulis the Pemako region. The trek can be anywhere between fifteen to twenty days depending on the fitness of the trekkers and the places they have visited in the trek. This is a high altitude trek so has to be done in the summers between June to Mid September.

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