Published By: Puja Sinha

Five Best Sports Arenas in the World

A list of culturally and athletically thriving sports venues of past splendour and present glory 

A mini tour of sports arenas that have amassed whopping popularity after enduring many ebb and flow.

Wembley Stadium

With a mind-boggling seating capacity, Wembley Stadium retains an elevated position in the chronicles of contemporary times. In London, Wembley Stadium is a part of almost every tour package of sports lovers for being the largest stadium in Great Britain with space for assembling 90,000 visitors to witness the rugby, soccer and other musical events hosted here on an epic scale.

Notre Dame Stadium

Built in 1930 under the expert vigilance of Knut Rockne, Notre Dame Stadium is fondly and rightfully known as "The House that Rockne Built". The stadium has steadily maintained its traditions while nurturing the intellectual and spiritual endeavours of its players. A pilgrimage for football lovers, this stadium promises a more immersive and engulfing experience all too amplified by its history and sports culture.

Madison Square Garden

The rich history of Madison Square Garden renders it a subject of intrigue and fascination. Located in midtown Manhattan, the venue was named after the fourth president of the US James Madison. For decades, Barnum and Bailey Circus reigned supreme here and by mid-1960, Madison Garden witnessed a giant cultural shift with New York transitioning to a new phase—seedier and murkier than ever. The place, nonetheless, remains a mecca for boxing. With its best acoustics and history of hosting a plethora of maestros, Madison Square Garden is certainly the entire cosmos for many sports enthusiasts.

Roman Colosseum 

Popular for once hosting the brutal yet sophisticated gladiator games, the ruined Colosseum today attracts hordes of travellers and architects from across the world. The fate of the Roman Colosseum has witnessed massive metamorphoses over the centuries. A study of the Roman Colosseum’s history offers us a sneak peek into ancient Roman sports. The weapons and armour used for the sports have still managed to retain interest among avid history buffs. Besides the gladiator games, several hand-to-hand combats and contests – including mock naval duels, were common spectacles at the venue.

Wrigley Field

Originally named Cubs Park, Wrigley Field has a seating capacity of 41,649 people and is the oldest ballpark in the US. The venue has hosted some popular and well-esteemed guests such as Bill Murray, Ryne Sandberg, Mike Kurkow and Peter Cetera. In 2005, Wrigley Field ventured to hold its first concert with an interesting line-up of bands and artists-- such as Elton John, Billy Joel, Lady Gaga, Green Day and Guns N’ Roses, to name a few.