Five best Video Games That Feature Moon Knight

Moon Knight may not be the best-known Marvel character, but with the new Disney+ series, it is time to explore more about his gaming appearances.

Owing to Moon Knight’s unique mental state, he can serve as a challenging character featured in non-narrative video games. There are several video games out there that have leaned on Marc’s weapons and memorable suits to deliver a thrilling Moon Knight experience to gamers. So far, the Moon Knight series has been applauded by the audience, and he will likely be moving forward to make more digital appearances. Below are the five best video games that feature Moon Knight.

Marvel Contest Of Champions

This game has a fighting genre created in the style of Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat that enables players to use 218 famous Marvel characters. The game has been around for nearly eight years, but Moon Knight was recently added to coincide with the timing of his series on Disney+. The game represents Marc’s multiple identities and a unique game mechanic that can alter his abilities depending on if the moon is waning or waxing.

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 is a beloved sequel that enables players to control dozens of the mightiest MCU heroes. Compared to other MCU heroes, Moon Knight does not have as much of a presence as the other main characters in the game, but the players can purchase him for in-game currency after completing the first level of the campaign.

Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3

This game brings together an incredible roller coaster of characters from Capcom video games and MCU to combat in tag-team duels or solo. Sadly, Moon Knight is not a playable character, but fans can still spot the character in the game. Every character in the game has a unique cinematic ending, and Hawkeye features the West Coast Avengers and Moon Knight.

Marvel: Future Fight

Future Fight features over 200 playable MCU characters, and Moon Knight is one of them. Of all the playable characters, Marc Spector is one of the best in the game for his solid abilities and stats and PvE content that can boost his critical hits. These features make him a popular choice for players to ascend. By default, Moon Knight is dressed in his traditional suit, but the players can change it to the Mr Knight look.

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance

This top-down RPG game features a wide range of MCU heroes as well as villains, and it certainly has the best Moon Knight appearances apart from the ones in comics. This character was added to the game as a bonus character on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions. His mix of melee abilities and ranged combat makes him a versatile fighter who can fit perfectly into any team.

In the video game landscape, Moon Knight has enjoyed a solid presence in the last two decades. Hopefully, the Disney+ series will encourage more features in the gaming scenario.


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