Five Brilliant Destinations In the World That Can Only Be Explored By Boat

These far-flung paradise-like destinations boast abundant serenity and natural beauty. But to access these places, you need to rely on boat rides.

While most of the beautiful cities and their surrounding tourist locations are easily accessible and within reach, some destinations are worth going the extra mile. Explore these remote locations far from the beaten trail. Let us guide you through some awe-inspiring places on earth that can be reached only by boat.

Lavezzi Islands in Corsica, France

The Lavezzi Islands lie between Sardinia and Corsica. The Island’s dream-like cerulean blue water lures sailors and tourists every year. Bays with lavish granite formations, liquid gold beaches, and a myriad of rare flora and fauna add to the charm of the archipelago. To get to the islands, set sail on a boat from Bonifacio – located on the southern shore of Corsica. During the boat ride around the Islands, travelers can witness the spectacular union between wildlife and nature, making it a magical destination.

Paradise Beach in Nevis, Caribbean Sea

The tiny Island of Nevis lies in the center of the Caribbean, and it is an ideal destination for travelers who are craving an exotic getaway. Well, as suggested by its name, paradise beach is indeed a slice of heaven on earth. With crystal clear views of the ocean, luxurious accommodations, and private beaches, we can assure you will want to exile yourself here forever.

Svalbard Archipelago in Norway

Halfway between the North Pole and Norway lies Svalbard, an untouched and fascinating tract of island wilderness that is navigable only by the polar expedition ships. Walruses, Beluga whales, seals, polar bears, reindeer, seabirds, Arctic foxes, and only about a thousand humans miraculously and harmoniously co-exist in this bitter climate. This place is so secluded that it is home to the Global Seed Vault (a safe vault created to preserve plant seeds that would be used, in case a global catastrophe occurs). The striking eerie charm of Svalbard will certainly astonish you.

Pak Ou Caves in Laos

The point where the Mekong and Ou Rivers meet lies the Pak Ou Caves. The Tham Theung or upper cave, and the Tham Ting or lower cave are two famous places of Buddhist worship. The cave is home to over 4,000 Buddha sculptures in varying poses and is lit by a handful of candles. The visitors can access these caves only by ferry boats, sailed by local boatmen who carry them back and forth.

Marble Cathedral in Patagonia, Chile

The Marble Cathedral is an expansive network of caves that are naturally made of marble. The caves create a spectacular wonderland that can be explored only by boat. The marble formations carry mineral impurities that have formed interesting calligraphic swirls that reflect the stunning azure-blue color of the lake.

Are you ready to set sail?

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