Five Brilliant Thai Art And Craft That Will Baffle You

The art and craft of modern-day Thailand is a blend of techniques adopted from ancient times with contemporary methods, to enable the local handicraft industry to sustain itself.

Thai arts and crafts are justly eminent all across the world. From silver jewelry to traditional musical instruments, the Thai artisans are doing their best to keep the old traditions alive. Five main types of Thai traditional handicrafts are mentioned below, which will unequivocally leave you in awe.

Thai Silk

The gorgeously nubby and iridescent Thai silk had been somewhat forgotten, but the weaving was revised after World War II, by a former OSS officer, Jim Thompson. Thai silks are hand-woven and have unique patterns with a rich blend of cultural heritage and local traditions. The handloom process is very slow, but it leads to the creation of high-quality silk fabrics with distinctive designs. Thai silks depict local wisdom as they are produced from the cocoons of silkworms.

Bamboo And Rattan Crafts

The Thai craftsmen make use of local raw materials like bamboo and rattan to produce items of art and craft. Chiang Mai in northern Thailand is eminent for its rattan and bamboo crafts. The artisans create handicraft products for daily use that include, rattan lamps, rattan trays, woven bags, bamboo baskets, chairs, and furniture. For more affordable prices of bamboo and rattan handicrafts, you can head to the night market of Chiang Mai.

Lacquerware And Ceramic Pottery

Over the centuries, distinctive Thai techniques and designs have evolved, making the lacquerware of the country more notable. Both lacquerware and ceramics are the outcomes of old Thai traditions that continue to influence modern artisans. Thai lacquerware is created with well-seasoned wood, carved on a lathe to give the desired shape. The next step involves the application of a basic coating material known assamuk (consisting of ashes of burnt rice-paddy husks or ground clay mixed with black lacquer). Ceramic pottery was originally influenced by the Chinese, 700 years ago. The dark brown pottery with glossy Thai ceramic surfaces and delicate details will certainly startle you.


Nielloware is a major craft in southern Thailand, usually crafted out of pure silver, and sometimes plated with gold. The Thai craftsmen give desired shape to thin metal sheets and engrave traditional designs on them that include intricate floral motif or Thai flames. An oxidizing solution is applied over it to offer a permanent blue-black design.


The Thai silversmiths have applied all their skills to produce a wide variety of silverware, ranging from swords to goblets. The most common products have been ceremonial boxes and bowls of assorted sizes. Traditional Thai silver motifs and figures, adorned with elaborate designs will steal your heart.

Can you resist the temptation of buying these cultural handicraft glories from Thailand?

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