Published By: Satavisha

Five Colors That Can Make A Pale-Skinned Person Look Washed Out

 Knowing what colors and shades complement your complexion is a vital part of looking good and dressing well, especially if you have naturally pale skin.

It is essential to identify your skin tone and undertone to be able to make color-conscious choices. If your skin is naturally pale, you should opt for colors that elevate the beauty of your complexion, and avoid hues that make you look washed out. Check out five colors that are not meant for your skin and can steal your radiance, making you look more pale and sick.

Avoid dreamy pastels

As bright and fun as pastel shades are, they do not beautify pale skin. In simple words, the softness of pastel colors generally makes light skin appear dull, and your only aim should be avoiding this. But it does not imply that you cannot wear anything in pastel shades. As long as you keep these soft dreamy shades away from your hands and face, you will be doing fine. Thus, you can keep your pastel handbags, pants, socks, and shoes.

Keep away from white.

You may think that white outfits hold the power to make your light skin appear darker, but we are here to let you know that it will never work. Sadly, white-colored outfits fail to create a desirable contrast on pale skin and will make you look tired or sick — just as pastel garments fail to complement your skin tone. White is too close to the pale skin tone, and it will clash with your complexion.

Avoid neon colors

Bright colors look amazing on pale skin, and you should fearlessly try bolder colors. But color tones like neon should be avoided. Outfits in neon colors can offer too much contrast, as a result, your glamorous undertones will look dull and washed out, making you look greyish.

Say no to high luminance.

High luminance sharply clashes with pale skin. Luminant colors are too bright for light-colored skin. Thus, if you have a very light complexion, do not wear colors like sunny yellow, bright orange, and fluorescent shades. However, you can still style small accessories in luminant shades. For instance, you can style yellow socks, an orange handbag, or fluorescent shoes. It is fine, for as long as these colors are away from your face and arms.

Avoid black

Pale skin owners should indeed try creating a contrast between their outfits and skin tone, but do not overdo the contrast game because it creates an opposite effect. You can wear black if only you want a goth look and accentuate your paleness.

Apart from these colors, you are good to go with almost every shade.