Five Cool Face mask trends

This must-have accessory has slowly emerged as a necessity in the COVID-19 pandemic situation. Here we have listed some of the best fashion trends associated with the face mask.

Face masks have become a compulsory accessory during the current Coronavirus pandemic to protect people from getting infected by the deadly virus. The mask fashion trends have been evolving day by day from simple surgical masks to comfortable cloth masks.

Face masks are available in many variants from cool and comfy cotton layered masks to stylish masks with quirky prints and patterns. Many fashion brands and designers have joined hands to make your mask more fashionable, trendy and comfortable without compromising on your safety.

Check out these fabulous face mask fashion trends that will up your mask game.

Masks with patterns

Masks with checks, polka dots and geometric patterns are available in multiple colour options matching with your outfit. These masks are made with three-layer of protection using cotton fabric keeping in mind your comfort and safety. Pair a vibrant colour with your office wear or casual attire and rock your every look!

Masks with quirky patterns displaying a message or face of your favourite movie character have also gained popularity to add a pop to your outfit.

Masks with embroidery

Are you gearing up for a special occasion? Then, these face masks are definitely for you. Many Indian brands & designers are creating fashionable masks that perfectly complement all your party looks, whether it is a traditional saree or a classic evening gown. These fancy face masks made using satin, silk, velvet and handloom fabrics, are beautifully designed, incorporating intricate embroidery and designs with floral and ornamental motifs that are a perfect match for your party outfits.

Denim masks

Cool and breathable denim mask is a must-have in your face mask collection. A denim face mask can go with all your outfits whether you are wearing a floral maxi dress or a skinny legging with an oversized T-shirt. If you want to keep your face mask fashion a notch up, then denim masks are definitely for you!

Animal print masks

Animal prints continue to trend every season, and the same goes for the animal print masks. You can mix and match and amp up your fashion statement with these animal print masks that are available in different colours and stripes from chic leopard print mask to neutral grey stripe print.

Masks with traditional prints

These face masks available in a variety of colours, fabrics and patterns intricately depict the local craftsmanship and culture. Many traditional prints from different parts of India can be found on these affordable and comfortable masks.  Some of them are West Bengal’s Kantha embroidery, Andhra Pradesh’s Kalamkari prints, Gond work from Madhya Pradesh, Lippan designs from Kutch, Cheriyal paintings from Telangana, Eri silk work from Assam and Madhubani work from Bihar. These fashionable and creative masks have given a chance to boost the talent and creativity of India’s local craftsperson.

Until the threat of the coronavirus pandemic is neutralized, wearing a mask is a compulsion to prevent any chances of spread and infection. Evolution in the face mask design and trends make them more stylish, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing.

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