Five documentaries on Climate Change that every one of us should watch

These five documentaries on Climate Change will tell you what we have done to our nature.

Climate Change is more than a concept, it’s the call of the hour. With the temperature rising every day, extreme weather events getting worse, Carbon emission going up and plastic consumption not going down, it’s a situation of concern and panic.  But still, it is very hard to make people believe in the fact that climate change is a human-induced phenomenon. And therefore it has become more important to make people aware and learn about the consequences of their daily activities and how that is affecting the environment. And what could be better than videos to explain it to them. These five documentaries will make you realise what wrong we are doing to this beautiful place called Earth and what the future stores for us.

Climate Change – The Facts

Documented by famous broadcaster and natural historian David Attenborough, this one is a more serious and detailed approach to the adverse effect of Climate Change unlike his usual awe-struck and light-hearted fare on nature. The documentary beautifully explains the reason behind the rising temperature and people can find a way towards a more positive future.

An Inconvenient Truth

Released in 2006, this amazing set of data released in the form of a documentary was one of the triggers raising public awareness on global warming. Former Vice President of the USA, Al Gore presented a data-driven presentation on the urgency of climate change that branded the need to tackle its human-made causes as a moral and ethical issue. It

outlines the basic science behind global warming, makes plain the connection between CO2 levels and global temperature rise, and explains the fact that today’s levels and Earth’s natural cycle are nowhere close. The film also makes the link between rising global and ocean temperatures and extreme weather events.

 Before the floods

Created by the much-celebrated actor and environmentalist LeonardoD’caprio in association with National Geographic, the documentary amazingly explains the reasons and consequences of global warming and climate change and how it should be tackled. From individual actions to the vote through a carbon tax, this documentary focuses on the different phenomena at stake because of climate change. It has done a good job of raising awareness among laymen.

Our Planet

Another David Attenborough’s absolutely stunning Netflix series is Our Planet. This 8 episode series explores different global ecosystems: from icebergs to the jungle, ocean, deserts, forests, etc, and shows how they’re being affected by rising temperatures and sea levels, ocean acidification, and subsequent wildlife population decline. Each episode discovers the dramatic consequences of human activities on natural ecosystems and on biodiversity. It also states the ways how individuals as well as collectively can combat this permanent degradation of the planet.

Years of Living Dangerously

This Emmy winning star-studded show is one of the finest documentaries ever made on climate change. It caters for every single aspect of climate change in detail in its 16 episodes across two seasons. With big-name stars, it doesn’t only call attention to the project but also make people follow what the stars are saying, which otherwise will not be considered. This amazing masterpiece of climate change was produced by James Cameron, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jerry Weintraub

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