Published By: Puja Sinha

Five Don'ts while Holidaying in a Tropical Country

Touristy but in style.

Tropical countries like Bali, Maldives and the Philippines always top the holiday bucket list. Tropical countries, irrespective of certain woes, remain a traveller’s favourite for the plenitude of natural beauty and picturesque serenity that they offer. Being ideal for travelling around the year, the tropical tourist hubs never experience a cease in the inflow of tourists which explains why you need to adopt a couple of precautionary measures.

Do not Go Gentle into a Sunny Day

Suntan might add to the glam quotient but if you are ODing on suntan in a tropical country, chances of falling sick are high. Besides carrying cotton fabrics and full sleeves, use suntans and steer clear from open outdoor regions during peak hours. Besides cosmetics and condiments, stay hydrated with water and fruits. Use shades and rely on sun-friendly cosmetics. Refrain from chemicals; such as perfumes, which might make your skin more vulnerable and sensitive to heat.

Do not Forget a Bug Spray

A problem that has pestered since colonisation – bugs and pests, should not be taken lightly when you are vacay-ing. Tropical insect bites could trigger a fever, swelling and severe infections besides a range of other complications which explains the need for bug spray. Bug-repellent sprays and creams are mandatory irrespective of where you are lodging and hanging around for it is never wise to risk life-threatening illnesses.

Do not Forget Water Purifier

Assuming the drinking water is healthy and suitable to drink might be a bit audacious given your body is just getting adjusted to the eccentricities of a tropical, and water purifying solutions remain a relevant ingredient. Cleaning the water with portable water purifier bottles or drinking from sealed mineral water bottles is the basic to maintain health and hygiene. It prevents stomach disorders which might spoil the entire trip!

Do not Skip Local Transport Options

Although the convenience of public transport varies across countries, in most tropical vacay spots, availing public transport could be a boon. You can avail of better connectivity while saving hours. This option also eliminates extravagant splurging on private transport options which might keep you from relishing the authentic flavours of your travel destination.

Do not Travel without Tropical Outfits!

Clothes that allow air flow, are lightweight and help you breathe without feeling claustrophobic or nauseated are imperative to enjoying the trip. Packing a few versatile options to cover up skin is also a wise idea. In a nutshell, light, comfy and durable clothes are the options if you want to avoid any wardrobe-related disasters.