Published By: Satavisha

Five Exciting Poetry Writing Apps Every Modern Poet Should Know About

In the modern digital era, poetry has transformed to become more mobile-friendly and accessible. And the literary world is loving it!

It is difficult not to fall for beautiful lines on-screen that skillfully accommodate an emotional punch. For writers and poets, this is probably the best time to be alive because there are countless digital resources and platforms — just a click away — that can help enhance the quality of writing while ensuring greater reach to the public. Here are five creative poetry writing apps that every modern poet should know about.

Daily Haiku

For people with limited time and unlimited desire to binge on poems, there is Daily Haiku — the perfect app for poetry lovers. This app offers exactly what its name suggests: fresh haikus every day. The app features a few whistles and bells, and also enables users to set a preferred time for receiving notifications and options to share the haikus of their choice.

Poet’s Corner

It is the best poetry app for people searching for a digital space where they can share their WIPs (works in progress). You can post your own compositions and anonymously study the latest progress from fellow users. Poet’s Corner is a safe and fun platform for novice poets to test the waters and post their compositions without inhibitions.


Are you a poet and also a photographer? If yes, Poetics is the app for you! It allows users to capture a photo and then write over it. This feature is especially useful for poets who prefer exploring a particular theme or subject in their poetry. The best part about Poetics is that it offers ownership to its users. You can edit the image and resize the text as per your choice.

Poetry Everywhere

Poetry Everywhere allows users to experience poetry in an interesting video format. This app features a collection of videos of short poetry that are read by contemporary poets. The app is intuitively designed and it is simple to use.


This free poetry app enables users to browse poems by author and carefully curate their own list, or paste quotes from their favorite poems on their own photographs to add a personal touch. Wings also provide additional information about each poet and poem - enabling users to dive deeper into their works.

Nothing can beat the conventional style of writing, on a notepad with a pen, but these digital platforms can offer you an inspirational nudge.