Five Exercises for Boosting Your Brain Power

It’s the time to train your brain through mental exercises and chisel its capacity by some proven techniques. 

It’s a known fact that our brain is responsible for the smallest of our actions. It is always giving out signals to the body to function efficiently, and yet there is a great need to sharpen it to make it work better and longer. We won’t ask you to undertake extra efforts for boosting brainpower. Instead, we bring you simple ideas of brain exercises which will help you expand the function of your mind and utilise it in a better way.

Jigsaw puzzles

Give your old hag some task to improve its ability by putting together jigsaw puzzles. You could adjust the complexity of the game. Such activities employ multiple levels of cognitive brain functions and allow you to apply your mind into visualising the larger image with the help of various smaller pieces. As a result, you can employ your brain for challenging tasks.

Learn a new language

There are various researches to prove that bilingualism acts as a boon for the brain. It helps in building a better memory, visual-spatial ability, and enhancing creativity. It is also essential to learn the language and then practice it thoroughly by reading and applying the language into your conversation. In this way, your brain will be required to do a lot of learning, recalling and retaining functions. It would be an excellent way to put your mind to fair use.

Applying all senses at once

When your mind needs a rigorous workout, multi-tasking your senses is the best way to accomplish the task. You need to apply all your senses into work at a given point of time, causing your brain to function with alacrity and concentration. Example: while eating, try to focus on the sight, smell, taste, feel, and sound of the food at the same time and register the experience in your brain.


You need to enrol yourself into a dance class where you are taught a dance form and its moves. While dancing, you will jostle memory and processing speed of your brain while enjoying the overall session.


Even if you spend 5-10 minutes in meditation every day, your brain will experience a sense of peace and healing. Meditation rejuvenates the mind and prepares you for the day ahead. You only need to spend five minutes with yourself, and the brain will be recharged for the challenges ahead.

So, focus on your brain health, and it will thank you in return.

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