Five Famous Personalities With Bizarre Work Habits

The path to fame and greatness is a long winding one, paved with a thousand bizarre and minute rituals.

Some of the famous and successful personalities from the past had remarkably unusual work habits. Down below are five eminent and brilliant personalities with the strangest habits that will startle you.


Ludwig Van Beethoven after a daily breakfast of coffee, obsessively counted out 60 beans by hand. The composer liked going for long meandering walks and the countryside jaunts that probably helped him spur creativity. As he walked, he often stopped to jot down few measures of music in a large notebook. If the notes were slow to come, Beethoven would copy down the works of other composers to study their technique.

Richard Buckminister Fuller

Richard Buckminister Fuller, an eminent architect, and scientist, best known for creating a car in the 1930s called the Dymaxion. The lasting legacy of Fuller was the diary he maintained from 1915 until his death in 1983. The diary is a whopping 82 meters high because the scientist believed in updating it after every 15 minutes. Fuller was always a touch eccentric and would wear three watches when traveling across time zones.

Marcel Proust

The French writer Marcel Proust, while penning his mammoth novel, “Remembrance of Things Past”, lived largely within the confines of his bedroom. The writer worked from the comfort of his bed with several fluffy pillows propped up on his back. Despite the cozy and relaxed work environment, the writer still claimed that crafting his classic novel was very taxing.

Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla is credited for kickstarting the electrical age. This manic genius often used his own body as a conductor in public demonstrations. Tesla would begin work at 3:00 AM every day and continued until 11:00 PM. He was celibate but got along well with pigeons and couldn’t stand obese women and jewelry of any sort, especially pearls.

Salvador Dali

Salvador Dali was the master of surrealism, a school of art that aimed to tap into the unconscious mind and access the buried treasures of the creative imagination. To produce the hallucinatory imagery of paintings, Dali used mental tricks to blur the line between his dreams and reality. One of the tried and true techniques of the artist involved holding a metal key over a tin pan while napping, and as soon as Dali began to drift away, he would drop the key and record the strange images that flashed through his mind.

Who do you think had the most outlandish work habit?

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