Published By: Ipsita Jha

Five Fitness trends to keep up with in the year 2021

This year, the idea of fitness evolved entirely, and many people switched to an at-home fitness routine or individual training. Let’s take a look at some of the major fitness trends for the year 2021.

2020 had drastically impacted the fitness industry when gyms and fitness studios faced closure to avoid the risk of infection. Several people started to develop their interest in fitness regimes that they can smoothly perform at home without any heavy equipment or any specialized guidance.

Here we have listed down some of the latest trends that will impact the fitness industry in future.

  1. Maintenance of hygiene standards at gyms
Many fitness enthusiasts are waiting for the gyms to reopen, but there are a few things that gym owners and trainers should keep in mind before opening their doors to ensure the safety of their customers. Many activities, like group training, common training areas, and equipment based practice should be avoided to reduce the risk of spread. Also, proper social distancing and safety norms should be followed before a person is allowed to enter the gym.
  1. Balancing health and fitness
Health and fitness go hand-in-hand; a person must be both physically fit and active and have good physical and mental health. Fitness industry should focus on health and well-being and include holistic programs catering to short-term as well as long-term fitness and health goals.
  1. Connection between mind and body training
The fitness trends for yoga, Pilates or mental training existed even before, but it intensified more in the current pandemic situation. More and more people want to opt for combined training that involves both mind relaxation and physical fitness to cope up with stress and strenuous schedule. This collective training approach will help people to strengthen their physical as well as psychological health.
  1. Specialized programs for the risk groups
Individual or specialized training programs are set to become a new fitness trend. For people with health risks and senior citizens, individual or workout in small training groups in a secure environment and guided digital training offers will be the part of the new normal after the fitness studios reopen.
  1. Online Fitness is here to stay
Digital workout and online training programs are here to stay and are not going to disappear anytime soon. Right now, many people have adopted digital exercise to maintain their health and fitness and strengthen their immune system. People will stick to the online mode of training even after the gyms reopen as it offers more flexible, specialized guidance.

Technology will also play a significant role with many fitness applications offering holistic training programs powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) that connects you to your favourite instructors and personalize your preference accordingly. You can also connect to virtual groups and meet people around the world who are training along with you.

These fitness trends are set to change and transform our fitness experience in this ever-changing world with the evolution of technology and fitness regimens.