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Five Gentle Ways Of Turning Down A Romantic Proposal

In the world of dating, what do you think is the most awkward scenario? Did you say rejection?

It is always flattering to find out that someone is romantically interested in you, but the situation becomes awkward and tricky when your feelings for them are not mutual. So, what do you do when someone you don’t love asks you out? How do you respond? How do you reject them without hurting their feelings? Do you tread more cautiously or immediately turn them down impolitely? Well, we are here to tell you about some gentle ways of turning down a romantic proposal.

Be clear with your response

You should offer honest reasons for declining the proposal, and with utmost clarity. Try not to complicate things or confuse them and refrain from saying words that might sabotage your platonic connection (if any) with them.

Do not delay the response

If you don’t love that person and want to turn down their proposal, the best you can do is give them a quick response. Do not keep them waiting for days or weeks. It is harsh. Nobody likes to wait around only to hear a ‘No’ in the end. If you take days to convey your decision, it might pass a misleading message across. The other person might think you are taking time to consider their proposal and expect a positive response from your end.

Offer friendship

You can always offer to be their friend if they want the same after getting rejected as a potential romantic partner. It exhibits maturity. However, if they are hesitant to pursue a platonic relationship with you, it is essential to respect their decision and comply with it.

Do not apologize

We often apologize in situations where it is absolutely unnecessary. There is no need for you to apologize for declining a proposal. What are you even sorry about? It is easy to say, “I am sorry, but I don’t love you,” but try to avoid it. Apologizing indicates you did or said something wrong, but you did not!

Offer some genuine compliments

It is always tricky to turn down a person you like, and tone down the message of rejection, and offer them some genuine and friendly compliments. Remember to put forth the things you love about them. You may say, “I am flattered by your proposal, but I am not ready to be in a relationship.” But if they push you further, then they are being disrespectful.

Reject them the way you would like to get turned down by someone because every person deserves respect.

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