Five Habits Damaging to Nail Health

Common habits that might be wreaking havoc on your nails 

We often tend to disregard nail health which speaks volumes about lifestyle, food habits, poor skincare regimen, wrong use of cosmetics and worrying skin ailments if not tended to at the earliest. 


Nonchalantly biting nails ends up damaging the tissue which stunts nail growth. The nails not merely become deformed but they refuse to grow back into proper shape. When continued for years with a compulsive obsession, you tear off and cause abrasion to the surface of the nails making them look awfully ugly. Nail-biting is an unhygienic practice since it transfers the germs and dirt from the fingertips to the mouth and should be thwarted off.

Cutting Cuticles 

In many salons, slicing off cuticles has been normalised and integrated into manicure packages—a terrible idea since cuticles form a protective shield against bacteria, fungal and yeast cutting which may lead to infection. You render the cuticles ragged and dry. Besides the concept of cuticle overgrowth does not exist which further nullify the question of meddling with it. To maintain healthy nails, moisturising cuticles instead of trimming is necessary.

Overuse of Paint and Cosmetics 

If you let nail polish stay for months on end, you are sucking all the hydration from your nails. When left for long, the pigment from the polish is soaked into the top layers thereby drying the nails. Chipping away the polish is another torture the nails are subjected to. This manual picking with sharp objects attacks the upper layer of cells and removes it eventually. If your nails appear brittle and cracked, you can now trace the cause of it!

Long Nails

Long talons are more exposed and vulnerable to friction, wear and tear than trimmed and shorter nails are. You would probably use the nails as tools exposing them to tonnes of dirt and germ. This could severely affect nail health and leave them easily tainted. Dirt when lodged inside nails leads to fungal infection. No wonder trimmed and primed nails are timeless and classy.

Poor Diet

A diet lacking in iron, Vitamin B, calcium, protein and biotin will be evident in poor nails. If you are prone to include caffeine and junk, the impact would be manifested in nails, be it fingernails or toenails. Be sure to include nuts, avocados and biotin-rich foods in the diet besides ingredients that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids. You can fuel your body with the latter in plenty by consuming spinach, flaxseed oil and broccoli.

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