Five Iconic Doordarshan Serials that we would Love to watch again

During the late 80’s and early 90’s, Doordarshan was the only source of entertainment and during this time, some of the best and iconic serials were broadcasted. People born in 80’s and 90’s swear that it was the best time to live as everything was so simple and innocent and we totally believe so. Here are the five iconic Doordarshan serials we would love to watch again:


If west has got Sherlock Holmes, we have got our own desi sleuth ByomkeshBakshi. Broadcasted during the90’s, ByomkeshBakshi starred RajitKapoor in the titular role of ByomkeshBakshi and K.K Raina as his assistant Ajit.

ByomkeshBakshi was a Bengali detective series which was directed by BasuChatterjee and starred RajitKapur and KK Raina. This series was based on the SharadinduBandyopadhyay character of the same name. ByomkeshBakshi featured solid suspenseful stories within a 40-minute timeframe with good performances and simple yet impactful dialogues. Along with the lead cast, it featured some great supporting cast also.

Hum Log

Hum Log was the first-ever TV serial and became an instant hit because of its simple narrative and some great performances. 

Hum Log was first aired in the year 1984 and it showed the daily struggles in a middle-class family, their daily life, struggles and aspirations. It was a fully rounded show with very able actors who went on to become famous afterwards. It was made and telecasted in the era when all family members sat together to watch TV. The shows were based on moral values and ethics and made people think they are part of it, truly the golden era of Indian television.


It is a popular urban legend that there used to be a curfew-like situation and all roads became empty where ‘Ramayan’ used to come on television.

Indians know the story Lord Ram by heart and when it was made into a serial, it became an instant hit. Ramayan told the story of Lord Ram and the victory of goodness over evil. Each and every character became famous and the actors performing them became legends. Ace filmmaker RamanandSagar directed this 78-part series. Ramayan got the highest trp ever during the repeat broadcast recently and it proved that Indians will never get tired of watching the story of Lord Ram and Goddess Sita again and again.


After ‘Ramayan’, ‘Mahabharat’ was another serial based on our ancient epics. It became a big hit when released and the characters including the actors performing them became legends. 

B.R Chopra produced this magnum opus and Ravi Chopra directed it. It was based on the ancient Indian epic ‘Mahabharat’ written by VedVyaas and follows the story of warring brothers Pandavas and Kauravas and their fight for the throne. It also told the story of Lord Krishna. It had 94 episodes and was first broadcasted in the year 1988. It was an instant hit when re-released again during the lockdown in 2019.


Every 90’s kid remembers ‘Shaktiman’ fondly and it was a major success when released in the late 90’s. Starring MukeshKhanna as Shaktiman, it was a superhero series long before we were introduced to the ‘Avengers’.

Who cares for the ‘Avengers’ when we have our own desi superhero, ‘Shaktiman’! This show was based on a superhero, Shaktimaan, and his alter ego PanditGangadharVidhyadharMayadharOmkarnathShastri, who was a photographer for a newspaper. It became an instant success when released and Shaktiman became quite popular among the kids.

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