Five Ideas to Deck Your Home Office

Home office ideas for which you do not need to consult an interior designer? Yep, possible!

WFH is often synonymous with extended shifts, back-to-back zoom meetings and sloppy shift hours. Why not add a little zing by remodelling the dull, vacant walls into a chic office corner? Check out these five affordable ideas to deck your home space within a jiffy.

Find the Nook!

But do not literally settle for the nook. Make sure the office space receives ample natural light for it contributes to your circadian rhythm.  Besides, being cooped up in a corner swamped with darkness or artificial lights round the clock might impact your productivity. Check if the space allows you to put up a calming, overhead light post-sunset.

Settle for a Good View

If for the sake of pulling off more you are choosing a corner solely dedicated to work paraphernalia, chances are you will get flustered sooner. Let’s not be a work snob, and settle somewhere snug and warm. It is possible to concentrate even in kitchen and bedroom spaces – preferably a zone that will not hinder your physical movements throughout the day.

Minimalist Accessories 

Cluttered office spaces cramped by too many accessories or furniture and with little room for your tired legs will probably make you feel asphyxiated. You need to breathe while chasing deadlines and absurd targets. Try lining up the desk with a few potted plants and mugs. For cushioning, trust good ol’ textiles than settling for anything plush or fancy. Now, coming to the walls, an array of handmade art pieces by local vendors can help you stay focused and positive throughout the shift!

Store Smartly

The key to declutter your mind and calmly accepting the overflowing to-do list has got a lot to do with an organised office corner. Piling up the junk does not always imply buying more space. Pick a wall-mounted cabinet to box up the files and papers. Switch to wall lights instead of swanky table lamps. The table should not turn into a war zone of wire spaghettis.

Colour Conscious

Pick up the paintbrush and dip it into an array of pop colours for the corners and borders. A natural colour pallet like green and blue or nudes and blue will help you lounge during the breaks. If you are keen on adding blobs of brightness, try yellow and oranges to keep things from getting way too serious!

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