Published By: Satavisha

Five Incredible Reasons Why You Should Introduce Enid Blyton To Your Children

Books by Enid Blyton are brilliant for kids, and we are here to tell you why.

Enid Blyton's books are making a comeback. This inventive author composed some of the most notable and beloved book series about children for young readers. Blyton is credited for writing more than 7,500 novellas and short stories. From Famous Five to Noddy, some of the characters from her book were a part of our childhood. Check out how reading Enid Blyton to your kids can benefit them in life.

Sparks creative imagination

Enid Blyton wrote books for children, and she used extremely easy and comprehensible language to make reading simpler and fun for young readers. Her books are primarily focused on the imagination and creativity that a young mind needs. The texts are replete with vivid visual descriptions and beautiful imagery, enabling children to visualize the entire book just like a motion picture. Reading Blyton’s books to your children will improve their imagination power.

Teaches children to love their family and friends

Stories of Enid Blyton always feature a close-knitted, strongly bonded, caring, and loving family or group of friends. Most of her stories revolve around a group of children who venture out on exciting trips. Sometimes the children are friends, other times they are cousins, but the bond is always unbreakable. 

Encourages children to be brave

Enid Blyton’s books help instill courage in children. In generic terms, ghost and horror stories scare children, making them fearful and weak. But Blyton’s stories, especially her beloved adventure series, teach kids to overcome their fear and emerge from a hostile situation.

The importance of being compassionate and kind toward animals

In most of her mystery and adventure books, Blyton ensured that the protagonists should own a pet – a cunning parrot or a loyal and loving dog. The children in her book are always kind to their pets, and they are treated as a member of their family or friends group.

The desire to eat healthy foods

All of Enid Blyton’s books are replete with vivid descriptions of foods that generally include very healthy meals featuring fresh fruits, salads, and veggies like spinach, freshly plucked berries, and lettuce. She makes even the most ordinary food sound so delicious that the young readers get excited to eat and savor them. Most of her stories mention sandwiches, ginger cake, mashed potatoes, cookies, and more.

Do not let your child miss out on Enid Blyton’s fantastic stories about love, adventure, and fun.